"The Maryland Association of Christian Schools exists to protect the interests of Christian Schools in Maryland."

Why we exist

1. To hold the route to AACS and Middle States Accreditation in MD

2. To protect interests of Christian schools in MD

3. To provide student athletic, fine arts, and leadership opportunities

4. To provide professional school development opportunities 



The Maryland Association of Christian Schools exists as the Maryland branch of the American Association of Christian Schools. This national organization, begun in 1972 set forth to answer question: “Where is the separatist organization, on a national level, that will champion our cause?” Throughout its span of influence, AACS has provided its membership leadership, legislative protection, and high-quality educational programs.  

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In December, 1971, representatives from Elkton Christian School, Harford Christian School, Capital Christian Academy, and Clinton Christian School met and the Maryland Association of Christian Schools was born.  

Dr. Carl Bieber, administrator of Elkton, was elected President, Dr. John Macon, pastor of Clinton Christian School became the next President, and served until Rev. Earle Lee was elected in 1976, the same year Rev. Mickey Creed became the first Executive Director of MACS. 

In 1978 Rev. Lee moved to Kentucky and Rev. Fred Snowden became President. When Rev. Creed accepted God's call to Virginia to pastor a church in 1980 Rev. Snowden became the Executive Director, and Dr. Don McKnight became President.  Rev. Snowden resigned in 1982, and in 1983 Rev. Roger L. Salomon took over as Executive Director.  Dr. McKnight served as President until the Lord called him home in 1991.

Between 1991 and 1997 William Spence and Dr. Richard Grammer served as President. In 1998 Dr. Norris Belcher became President and faithfully served for 15 years in that capacity. He resigned in 2013.  Dr. John McKnight, pastor of Reformation Bible Church in Darlington, MD served as MACS president until 2015 when Dr. Kent Ramler of People's Baptist in Frederick was elected.


Our Leaders

The Maryland Association of Christian Schools, since its founding, has been led by pastors and administrators intent upon maintaining quality education to Christian schools. The Executive Board of Directors is responsible for the total operation of the Association. They hire an Executive Director to organize and manage all MACS activities. The present board members are:




President - Pastor Kent Ramler


Executive Director - Dr. Brad Parker


Secretary - Pastor William Townsend

Board Members At Large


Dr. John mcknight


Pastor don white


Mr. Mark Zockoll


Mr. Jeremy errett